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a social brand
Become a social brand

Dominate everything from social media to corporate websites with Morrison Media — the boutique Toronto-based agency for any growing business.

The All New

Referral Program

Give 15% off*, get $250 cash

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Professional social media

Build a community around your brand.


We'll work with you to plan and produce professional, custom made content optimized for Instagram and Facebook.


We utilize full 30-day content calendars to provide a deep forecast of what's in store for your social profiles.


Once your content goes live, we'll spend 40+ hours a month engaging with your community and spreading your brand.

The perfect website

Give your brand a place to call home. SEO included.


Your satisfaction is our main priority. So we start by completing a comprehensive design brief that gives us the big picture of what you want your website to accomplish. That way we're always on the same page.


With your design brief in hand, we'll design and build a powerful website capable of handling blogging, portfolios, ecommerce stores, and more with a flexible CMS. Unlike our competitors, we'll give you unlimited revisions to ensure you get the website you want.


After we publish your website, we'll continue to improve your SEO for as long as you'd like to ensure your search engine ranking is always getting better, increasing the chances of your website showing up on the first page of search results.

Attention-seeking ads

Get your message seen, pronto.


Depending on your KPIs, we'll plan a dynamic campaign that'll increase awareness, conversions, downloads and more for the lowest ad spend possible.


After understanding the focus of your campaign, we'll work with your brand to create beautiful and intelligent digital ads that will blow past your expectations.


With the power of metrics, we'll have access to important data about the performance of your campaign. Allowing us to make strategic improvements and understand more about your customers.

Try Morrison Media

Build your brand's culture and community while increasing customer traffic and conversion rates. Booya.

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